DMCA Complaints

Public Domain: We take copyright laws very serious; All comic books on are 100% fully legal comic books that expired all copyrights and have been scanned and compiled into a digital .PDF format for easier reading and printing... We only scan and compile legal comics and images that are in the public domain. If anything on is not in the public domain please submit a dmca complaint so it can be removed.

It's our goal to archive all "public domain" comic book information for all the golden age, silver age, bronze age and modern age comic book eras but without breaking any copyright laws. We compile and scan public domain comic books and turn them into readable and printable .PDF comic books and make them available usually for a small download fee. If you for any reason find something believed to not be in the public domain or have any other dmca complaints please contact us right away using the contact form on our site. We respect all intellectual copyright owners.