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You agree that when making a purchase through ComicEra.com that the product you are purchasing is a used comic book converted into a digital PDF format. Once you make a payment the comic book download link is sent to your email. Once you download the .PDF comic book you will be-able to read it, share it with your family and friends or anything else you choose to do with it!

Public Domain: All comic books on ComicEra.com are 100% fully legal comic books that expired all copyrights and have been scanned and compiled into a digital .PDF format for easier reading and printing... We only scan and compile legal comics and images that are in the public domain. If anything on ComicEra.com is not in the public domain please submit a dmca complaint so it can be removed.

Comic Quality: Any and all efforts have been made to ensure that all our books are scanned, compiled and formatted at the best quality possible for the enjoyment of the readers. When downloading or making a purchase through ComicEra.com you agree that due to the age and current condition some of our digital comics may show some minor wear and tear such as marks, fading or small tears and in some rare cases advertising pages may have also been removed.

Refund Policy: Our 100% money back guarantee to you... If you are not happy with your purchase then neither are we. In the event you would like a refund for a comic book that you purchased you must contact us within 14 days of downloading the comic and provide us with the reason you aren't happy and let us know you would like a refund. Our 100% money back guarantee applies to any one product on our site but must not be abused or used more than once in a 30 day period. If it's been longer than 14 days or you have used our refund policy more that one time within the past 30 days refunds are still possible but are at our discretion. Please contact us at anytime you are unhappy with us.